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Updated: Mar 19

I came across a post recently which read as follows:

"Not everyone is in the position to help animals, but everyone is in the position not to harm them."

- Janet Benecke

This really hit home for me, as I adopted a Beagle 7 years ago, which is the number 1 dog breed used in animal testing facilities.

So, what can we do in order to stop harming animals:

1) Purchase only cruelty free products. You can look up the latest lists of companies that do or do not test on animals here

I personally love Lush for my personal care products and when it comes to household products I use eco-friendly products which are all natural, cruelty free and are made locally. When it comes to cosmetics, I know it can be tricky, but there are still some amazing brands out there that are cruelty free, such as Urban Decay and Smashbox .

The big issue around animal testing is that there are still countries like China that require animal testing on imported products, such as cosmetics.

2) Stop supporting animal poaching around the world, by not purchasing ivory, rhino horn, lion claw/tooth, giraffe tails, bile from sun bears, badger hair products...if it comes from an animal don't buy it.

3) Stop supporting fur farms etc. by not purchasing fur and exotic skin products. If Chanel can do it, so can you

4) When purchasing meat products at your grocery store, choose free-range products. Free-range meaning that the animals lived outside and walked on grass etc., they were not brought up in cages. Yes, animals were harmed in order for us to eat meat, but not everyone is able to do point number 5 and if you can't do point number 5 for whatever reason, at least you can make sure that you support farms that look after their animals in humane ways. #wedontjudgehere

5) Going vegetarian or vegan.

Some Organisations to follow:

I hope this hits home with you and know that I understand that changing everything in your life to be cruelty free all at once can not only be overwhelming, but also expensive. So, with the New Year having just begun I would like to suggest that when you go to replace items for yourself or your home do some research online and look at the cruelty free options more aware of what you are supporting when you make your purchases.

Lots of love


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