Day in the Life of a Volunteer

Updated: Mar 19

In 2019 I took some time off to focus on giving back.

Giving back (financially, with your time, a listening ear etc.) and being in nature is very healing for the soul. So, not only was I able to help others and animals, I was also healing myself at the same time.

Here are a few of the Causes that I supported:

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary:

I deployed twice in 2019, the first time being in August and the second over the Festive Season in December. Yes, I celebrated both Christmas and New Years at the Sanctuary.

It isn't all rainbows and sunshine, volunteering is really hard work. You are there to support the various teams in order to keep the Sanctuary running smoothly, from cleaning up (shovelling poop and dirty hay) to meal prep and bottle feeds etc. These tasks can be physically taxing, especially when the temperature in December can rise up to 44 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, the work is repetitive in that you do the same thing everyday; for example, preparing the bottles, feeding and cleaning the kitchen happens 3 times a day, every day. Furthermore, each and every day, all the bomas have to be cleaned and new teff and hay be put out for the evening. Other tasks are then added as and when needed.

Some photo's of me volunteering:

However, there is down time for the volunteers and meeting the orphaned rhinos is an experience I will never forget. Oh and last but not least, making friends with like minded people from all over the world #soultribe!

If you would like to volunteer at Care for Wild contact African Conservation Experience.

The KaiNav Conservation:

In October I had the opportunity to learn more about this initiative, poaching and the use of snares in Africa. We went into an area of the Cradle of Human Kind and found, documented and removed 30 snares from the veld (bush).

If you would like to support this amazing initiative Kainav Conservation Foundation they up cycle and re purpose the snares into snare art which can be purchased here SNARE Art.

I hope that I inspired you to find a cause in your area or abroad to support and make a difference on this planet we all call home.

Lots of Love,


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