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Updated: Mar 21

With Coronavirus scaring the living daylights out everyone, so many people are dealing with anxiety and anxiety attacks.

My suggestions below are not the be all and end all, there are so many different ways to work on your anxiety...but this can assist with supporting your chakra's through this time, as well as assist with keeping you grounded.

Solfeggio Frequencies: You can read more about these in my blog post Energy Healing, my IG post and here Here are the different frequencies and a short description of what they can assist you with:

174 Hz - "reduces pain physically and energetically. Gives your organs a sense of security, safety and love, encouraging them to do their best."

285 Hz - "helps return tissue into its original form. Sending them a message to restructure damaged organs. It also leaves your body rejuvenated and energised."

396 Hz - Root Chakra and "searches out hidden blockages, subconscious negative beliefs, and ideas".

417 Hz - Sacral Chakra and "cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events and expunges negativity".

528 Hz - Solar Plexus and ''brings positive transformations and miracles.''

639 Hz - Heart Chakra and "re-connect and balance relationships. It enables creation of harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships and enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love."

741 Hz - Throat Chakra and ''assists with expression/solutions, as well as the removal of toxins and inducing a spiritual detox.''

852 Hz - Third Eye Chakra and ''return to spiritual order and awakens intuition.''

963 Hz - Crown Chakra and ''awakens perfect state, promotes spiritual ascension and cellular enlightenment.

432 Hz - Frequency of the Earth/Mother Nature and ''raises positive energy and helps us to feel more calm and balanced.''

Anxiety and stress takes a toll on ones body - this is where 174Hz and 285Hz come in, they can support your organs and your bodies overall well being.

When your mind is focused on fear, you can become very "un-grounded" - this is where 432Hz, 396Hz and 417Hz come in, 432Hz can assist with bringing you back into alignment with Mother Nature and then the Root Chakra (396Hz) and Sacral Chakra (417Hz) can assist with grounding you.

Fear got you feeling like you have a weight on your chest and a blockage in your throat? This is where 639Hz and 741Hz come into play. These can assist with releasing any energy blockages in the chest and throat area. However, if this feeling persists or you are unsure in anyway, please seek Medical Advice immediately! Honour your body and your gut feeling, always!!

Last but not least, go with the frequencies that you are drawn to and be kind to yourself, we are all learning here and it is ok to not know what to do or to be a bit scared. Take it one day at a time.

Meditative Mind: I absolutely love Meditative Mind, they have 9hr long sound healing videos on their YouTube Channel, for when you sleep. I have also downloaded their albums on iTunes, as these are really great to play in the background while you carry on with your day.

They use Solfeggio Frequencies, Singing Bowls and Chanting. Remember singing and chanting still hold the applicable frequencies.

Choose which ever one/s resonate with you, but I personally like to have variety:

12D Shield Building Technique, for daily use:

I hope that at least one of these all natural energy healing frequencies and techniques resonate with you or guides you to what you need for support during this period.

Remember every single one of us has something in common...we all call this planet home. Keep safe out there.

Lots of love Alexandra

As per my Disclaimer: you understand and accept that I am not a Medical Practitioner/Professional. It is not recommended that the above techniques be used in place of seeing a Medical Practitioner/Professional, especially when you are unwell and in need of medical assistance. In this case, the above techniques should be used in conjunction with a Medical Practitioners/Professional's advice, medication etc.

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