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Updated: Mar 7

There are so many ways in which you can heal yourself and your space, you just need to choose which way/s or which one/s resonates the most with you. I personally don't think mixing and matching when it comes to spirituality is a bad thing, you do you boo.

Let's just jump straight into some of my amazing finds:

1) The Pixie & The Bull (

"Twin flames who create art with a purpose. We help you feel, heal, manifest and thrive." This summary taken from their IG bio is so spot on. They have readymade crystal art pieces available, which can be found on their Etsy store or you can request a custom made piece from them. For all the twin flames out there, check this one out

2) Teal Swan - Frequency Art

I wrote a blog about this already, click here. An additional note that I would like to add here though, is that she also sells the frequency art in accessory, homeware and clothing form. Why is this awesome, because you can wear a pendant or have a water bottle with you etc., which will assist you throughout the day and not just when you are around the art, which may be displayed in your home.

3) Zen 30 (

This is so unique! They sell colour therapy glasses, which are based on the 7 chakra colours. They provide a chakra test on their website, which helps you to determine which of your chakras are either under active or over active and therefore require balancing. From this you are then able to pick the relevant colour therapy glasses. This is definitely another item on my growing wishlist.

4) Crystals

Crystals provide a natural healing energy and can be worn or carried with you wherever you go. They can also be used in your home, car, office etc. There are crystal shops available across the globe as well as online. Google is your friend when it comes to finding out which crystal/s will assist you with what you need help with.

5) Sound Frequencies

After watching a YouTube video I found out that certain sound frequencies are actually healing and depending on the frequency you can heal, for want of better words, the different layers that make up your being, even clear yourself or increase your vibration. Some Google research brought me to this website ( They discuss the different frequencies and give advice on which to use or focus on. The best part of using sound for can listen to these for free on YouTube. Just search for the frequency, such as "396 Hz", and lots of suggestions pop up. Who doesn't like free stuff.

For sound frequencies for your chakras see

Hope that at least one of these resonates with you.

Lots of love


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