Financial Maturity

Updated: Mar 7

Taking responsibility for your finances and having a healthy relationship with money. Money is not bad or evil, money is a tool.

Taking responsibility for your finances means not letting other people, such as your partner or spouse, manage your finances for you or spending away thinking one day someone else will magically pay off all your debt for you. Being aware of how much you have/is spent/is saved/is invested is really important in building a healthy relationship with your finances and with money.

I started my journey by reading this book, Money, A Love Story, and I made sure that I did all the exercises. I had a lot of resistance to clear while working through this book, but I made it and so can you. I am still practising the daily gratitude exercises and use my new budgeting sheets.

You can start taking responsibility and being grateful for your finances/money no matter how much or how little you have in your Bank Account.

Through my growth and development, I then went on to find the following:

1) Solfeggio Sound Frequencies

Please visit my Blog on Energy Healing, as well as my IG Post for more information on what these are. Listening to and meditating with these frequencies can help you to heal (physically, emotionally and spiritually), come into balance and be more aligned with your purpose...what makes you glow inside, your true passion. Once you start healing, the flow of life is less strained or restrained and therefore, abundance will flow easier too.

2) Frequency Art

Please visit my Blog on Frequency Art for more information. The pieces that I have found that may assist you on your journey are as follows:

  • Gratitude - "The “thankfulness” form of gratitude. The appreciative acknowledgement of something that causes one to feel a deep sense of pleasure. This is one of the highest vibrations of all."

  • Receive - "The vibration of taking something into oneself or into one’s possession after it is given to you. This vibration overpowers the barriers you have to receiving so that you can actually receive. This vibration helps you to actualize and retain anything you have been wanting and anything that is being offered to you."

  • Financial Freedom - "The vibration of the spiritual expansion that is enabled by manifesting the kind of wealth that one is able to live freely and absent of any kind of financial limit."

  • Worldly Abundance - "The vibration of abundance as it applies to worldly commodities (things that are physically manifested)"

  • Opulence - "The vibration of the state of being wealthy and or abundant."

All the info on the art pieces are from Teal Swan's website.

Teal also has a video on YouTube on How to Manifest Money, in which she provides some really great visualisation techniques to work with when meditating.

3) Dynamic Intention

This lady is pretty amazing, she has posted her Money Reboot Energy Healing on YouTube for free, which includes the removing of blocks, grounding, going through your Akashic Records and replacing the old with new is just amazing. She explains it much better in the video.

As you can see this is not a get rich scheme, this is more a how to heal yourself and your relationship with money and abundance, enabling you to grow and develop in your Financial Maturity. If number 3 resonates with you, check out her Reboot video when you have 17 minutes to spare.

Hope at least one of these helps you on your journey.

Lots of love


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