Healing with Frequency Art

Updated: Mar 7

I am obsessed with Frequency Art at the moment. I found a lady called Teal Swan, she is amazing. You can feel the energy coming off the pictures on your computer, at least I can, so I can only imagine what having an actual piece of her art in your house or with you, will feel like.

Watch her video on YouTube where she talks about her process and how she paints the frequency paintings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eobd88Wf6c.

My favourite pieces for Healing:

1) The Cure - "An Arcturian light lattice that is designed to remedy and relieve any condition (such as a disease or unwanted state of being). Unlike many other healing frequencies, this frequency does not necessarily induce conscious awareness or require the conscious awareness that then leads to healing. It forces a being to entrain with the frequency of the 'perfected state' as opposed to the diseased or unwanted state."

2) Nature of Healing - "The vibrational formula for healing the human body."

3) The Shift - "The vibration of a dramatic healing shift within the mental level of life."

4) Positive Focus - "The vibration of the process of narrowing your attention to concentrate on something that causes you to feel good at the exclusion of notice of things that cause you to feel bad. It is a vibration that falls into the category of gratitude. This is a fabulous vibration for anyone who wishes to enjoy their relationship or to attract a good feeling relationship. It helps people who are negatively focused or who struggle with depression, anxiety or any other disorder related to emotional negativity."

5) Return To Source - "The vibration of de-manifestation. This is the frequency of physical matter raising in frequency so as to re-join the frequency of pure source energy. It is a good vibration for anyone looking to enhance meditative or out of body states. It aids those who are currently feeling stuck to "see the big picture". It is also a very good vibration for anyone who wants to release resistance to death. It helps people "cross over" into other (higher) dimensions." For me this represents healing on the soul level before transitioning back to source/heaven.

Some of my other favourite pieces:

1) Raise Your Vibration - "The vibration of altering the current amplitude and frequency of your energy field to a higher one. This brings about many positive changes in your life such as a positive and transcendent outlook on life, improved circumstances, an increase in health and vitality, the ability to manifest quicker, synchronicities, opportunities and the ability to perceive things beyond the physical dimension."

2) Ascended Reunion - "The vibration of “two” coming together again after a period of separation so as to experience being a unified whole where that reunion marks the dawn of an awakening to new understandings and the creation of a new form of existence. This vibration draws to you, the people who are a match to your frequency and whose presence will elevate your consciousness. It causes meaningful reunions, and most especially unions with people who are essential to your awakening, progression and ascension."

3) Financial Freedom - "The vibration of the spiritual expansion that is enabled by manifesting the kind of wealth that one is able to live freely and absent of any kind of financial limit."

Truly grateful that my quest for knowledge has brought me to so many amazing healers, such as Teal Swan, and I hope that this helps you or someone that you know on their journey.

Please note that all the information on the art pieces are from Teal Swan's website. Additionally, alternative healing, such as frequency art, is a natural, non-invasive modality to help bolster your ability to heal and should not replace urgent or essential medical treatment or advice by a Medical Practitioner/Professional.

Lots of love


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