I Collect Rocks...

Some people call them rocks, I call them crystals.

I have been collecting and working with crystals since I was in high school and in 2018 I completed a course in crystal healing in order to make it official.

Crystals are an all natural, all rounder healing source and can assist you with any task, any emotional issue, any physical issue...they are truly wonderful. For example, you have a business meeting and you would like to be more confident...yip, there is a crystal out there which can bolster your own inner confidence. Feeling down or depressed? There are crystals which are able to bring you loving feely feels back within yourself.

The Absolute has a great video on how crystals can assist you with connecting with the divine and how they can help you with your psychic abilities https://youtu.be/biaisBgtcNI.

Note: some crystals may not resonate with you and may even make you feel unwell.

How to choose a crystal:

Google is a good source in assisting you to find the crystals for your current need, if you do not have access to any crystal books.

When in a crystal shop, the shop attendants should know about the crystals in their store and be able to assist you with which type of crystal you should look for.

Once you know what type of crystal you need, go with what catches your eye first. Noting that you do not need the biggest and most expensive crystal in the store in order to help you, even the most tinniest of pieces can help you. Then hold it with both hands around your stomach area, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and ask if it will assist you with....(insert what you would like assistance with). If you feel your body moving forward towards the crystal it is for you. If you move backwards away from the crystal then it is not for you. Pick another crystal that catches your eye and start the process again. Or if you are lucky enough to be able to communicate with crystals just ask and wait for a response. No response = a no.

The attendants in the store will also know how to cleanse and re-energise the crystals, so ask if you are unsure. In most cases running them under water will cleanse and re-energise the crystals, as well as putting them out under every full moon.

Go with what feels right for you, the first thought that pops into your mind (your intuition and gut feeling).

As per my Disclaimer: you understand and accept that I am not a Medical Practitioner/Professional. It is not recommended that crystals be used in place of seeing a Medical Practitioner/Professional, especially when you are unwell and in need of medical assistance. In this case, the crystals should be used in conjunction with a Medical Practitioners/Professional's advice, medication etc.

I hope that this blog assists you on your journey.

Lots of love


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