Inner Child Healing

Updated: Mar 7

In the last couple of years colouring books for adults boomed and it coincided with the awakening of a lot of twin may be connected, who knows. Any who, as most twin flames know one of their journeys of healing, includes the healing of their inner child. I would like to go as far to say that people on other journeys (not twin flames) would also benefit from healing their inner child.

So, how do you heal your inner child, some tips:

1) Meditation and Visualisation

I spoke about Cassady Cayne's inner child audio meditation in my blog on Twin Flames. This has really helped me and even though I have adapted and changed this for myself, I still in a sense use this today. I originally bought this back in early 2017.

2) Frequency Art

From my research I have found some pieces of frequency art which may assist with your inner child healing:

  • Play - " The vibration of the thought of playing (as a child does)."

  • Soul Retrieval - "The vibration of the shamanic intention/practice of retrieving and integrating the fragmented self in order to become whole. When a person experiences a life trauma, they dissociate and “split” their consciousness in order to move forward. But the “split selves” (most of which are child selves) remain imprinted in the past. This splitting creates negative imprints within a person’s energy field, most especially in the emotional body. This imprinting affects every aspect of a person’s life. Retrieving and re-integrating these lost aspects of ourselves is a key part of healing, becoming whole and realizing enlightenment. It is one of the highest forms of “spirit medicine” practiced in the shamanic tradition and it is a process often facilitated by plant medicines such as Peyote and Ayahuasca. This vibration is unanimously beneficial for all people. It is especially helpful for those who have PTSD or those who experienced unhappy childhoods."

For more information on Frequency Art by Teal Swan please go to my blog post here. The explanations on each piece are from her website.

3) Do the things you enjoyed doing as a child.

Number 1 above, goes into this during the meditation. Otherwise, set aside some time to colour in, dance, watch a cartoon, sing, draw etc. like you would any other hobby. It can be very soothing for your soul. Additionally, setting the intention to send your inner child love and healing while doing the activities is also helpful.

For those who have toddlers or children, join in their fun and actively participate as often as you can in their games/activities, not only will this heal your inner child it also bonds you to your own child.

I hope that at least one of these resonates with you.

Lots of love


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