Psychic Abilities #woke

Updated: Mar 7

Did you know that we are all born with all the psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance)? As we are all different, we will also have different ways of experiencing these abilities and some abilities are more dominant than others.

Have you ever had that gut feeling or that feeling like you just know something? Yip, there it is.

I found some amazing people online and they talk about these abilities, amongst other things:

1) Rock the Divine (

Love her videos and she gives really good advice on how to raise your frequency and how to clear yourself...and a whole lot more. Note, her videos are not just for people with clairvoyance and her two Halloween videos are really creepy, you have been warned.

2) Phil Good Life (

This guy is next level! Love his telepathy/psychic ability exercises on his IG. Please note that his messages may be really out there for some people.

3) Stargirl the Practical Witch (

She has a couple of insighful videos on YouTube, one of which is her video called Develop Psychic Abilities (using these 4 tips). I explored one of her tips in my blog on Energy Healing, do check that out. Note: She does a lot of spell videos, as well as videos using a ouija board, which I am personally not into at all. Pick and choose what feels right for you, we don't judge here.

I hope this helps with your own personal journey. Watch and research what resonates with you.

Lots of love


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