Psychic Attacks

Updated: Mar 7

Have you ever thought something pretty negative about someone? Have your thoughts ever spiralled into a story/monologue of hate or anger towards someone? Have you ever shouted or screamed at someone in your mind?

Chances are very good that you have done at least one of the above or a variation of those, on more than one occasion in your life, unless you are a Saint or Ghandi etc. This is psychic or telepathic attacking. You don't need to be a "witch doctor" or "witch" etc. to psychically attack someone.

Some signs of being psychically attacked are cloudy/foggy brain, feeling dirty, feeling like you are going to pass out, nausea and flu like symptoms to name a few. These symptoms are usually felt out of nowhere. Personally, I have also had someone's face projected to right in front of mine in a aggressive way and it would come at and taunt me, this is quite a severe case. Sure, there are a lot of other ways in which this can be felt or experienced and the length of time you may feel the symptoms for, may also vary.

What can you do about this? Please read my blog posts on How to clear and ground myself and Psychic Abilities #woke. I mention a lady, Rock the Divine, who goes into detail on how to protect yourself with lightsheilds.

Getting back on track, chances are we have done this to someone else, which we need to take responsibility for. Yes, taking responsibility for your very own thoughts in your very own mind. I know that it is not easy and thoughts can go from 0 to 100 faster than the fastest super car in the world, but we have the ability to stop or catch ourselves in our thoughts and ask ourselves is this true, is this a healthy thought, is this thought about someone else making me feel better or worse about myself? (most negative thoughts about other people usually make us feel worse and keep us in the negative or low frequency thought patterns, which do actually hurt us). The best thing to do in this case is either to heal something within yourself, as others are a mirror of ourselves, or to completely drop the subject and say "cancel, cancel, cancel".

Why would I suggest that you drop the subject all together and cancel out the thought, it is because some people...lets repeat that again...some people, have negative entities attached to them. Phil Good, see blog post on Psychic Abilities #woke, discusses this a lot in his posts. Some people are being controlled by negative entities and how they enjoy life is by upsetting people and causing chaos. So, if you psychically attack them, they are going to hone in on you like bees to honey (please do not freak out). For example, have you ever thought something bad about someone and then felt like they were watching you even if they were nowhere near by or after the thought they do something else to upset you.

See the vicious circle this can create. Sometimes opting out and freeing yourself from the chaos, bringing about inner peace, is the best solution for yourself. Now, don't get me wrong depending on what occurred, standing up for yourself is really important, but don't torture yourself with the thoughts and don't give them the time of day in your mind.

Next time think before you psychically attack someone, as it inevitably does turn back on you, one way or another.

Lots of love


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