The truth about living your truth...from my personal experience on my Twin Flame journey

Updated: Mar 7

Living your truth can at times mean taking a leap of faith and trusting in the unknown…which can be scary. Having people “around” you who can provide extra guidance, advice, energy healing or even just to be a sounding board to talk it out with, such as Ruchi, Taylor and Cassady (from my previous blog post) or other healers like myself, or professional therapists/counsellors/life coaches can really assist and help with your journey. Also, don’t forget your guides and angels (if you believe in spirit/universe etc.) are also there for you. You are not alone, distance is only but an illusion! If you are truly battling, seeking professional assistance from a Medical Professional is always recommended.

Not everyone is going to be happy for you or support you (this is why the people above are so important...your soul tribe). You are embarking on a journey that many people will not, as they are afraid of truly looking at themselves in the mirror. Facing and healing your pain, your hurts, your guilt, your self-inflicted limitations, judgements and rules etc. is not easy, it does take work, but it is so rewarding in the long run.

Living your truth is the journey of your soul, which brings you inner peace, inner balance, inner love for yourself…all the good feely feels within yourself.

Why is focusing on your inner self important you may ask…well as a lot of people have said before. If you don’t take care of yourself first how can you look after and take care of others. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You can’t love others before you love yourself…there are so many.

Living your truth helps others to follow their own soul purpose and to live their truth…you become a guiding light for others.

Living your truth, is loving, accepting and forgiving yourself…which enables or enlightens you to be more compassionate, accepting and understanding of others. Why is this important…#worldpeace and the ability to make a difference, in my opinion at least. Important note to mention here is that, being understanding and accepting of others does not mean that you will now be everyones door mat. Creating healthy boundaries forms part of loving yourself first.

Last but not least if you choose not to embark on this journey, know that, that is also ok. We don't judge here and making a choice that is right for you, as you are right now, is important and congratulations for taking that step. Even choosing not to is kinda following your truth in a way...right? Hmmm, lets leave it there...

Lots of love


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