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Updated: Mar 7

Everywhere I look I seem to find twin flame content nowadays, whereas 2 years ago it wasn't, or in my opinion at least, as established as it is today. As established as it is I do feel that there are many people out there scamming some of the new people awakening to the collective and/or giving out a lot of misleading, confusing or down right incorrect information. This mis-information can truly hurt you and your journey so please keep your wits about you at all times. (I found an interesting video on YouTube by a medium who gives tips on how to tell if someone is faking their ability to connect to guides/angels etc., I do recommend that everyone watches this.)

Please note that being triggered by something that someone says or writes about is completely different to being fed misleading, confusing or incorrect information. Triggering (a feeling of irritation, anger, unease, doubt, fear, sadness etc. within yourself sometimes out of nowhere) means you are on the right path and you need to heal something within yourself, in order to move forward in a high frequency way.

I think another point which needs to be highlighted is that some people are coining the idea/belief that being a twin flame means that you are better/more spiritual/more awakened etc. than people who are on other journeys. This is not true! Those ideas/beliefs are all ego based and if you are on the twin flame got some clearing and surrendering of those ego beliefs to do.

A very important note that needs to be made, before I can continue: If you are reading this and you are not a twin flame, I would like you to know that not being a twin flame does not mean that your journey is less than and I hope you truly believe that in your heart, because we are all here for a reason and your path and journey is just as important and relevant.

The four people who I follow are:

1) Cassady Cayne (

I found Cassady online 2 years ago and I still follow her blog posts to date. Her most recent blog post is so spot on. This blog highlights some of the most misunderstood/incorrect pieces of information out there, which are around separation, twin flame stages and what union really is etc. I have also used her free kit, as well as bought her inner child healing and higher hearts transformation audio bundles. I definitely recommend using the inner child audio if you are battling with clearing your inner child pain, trauma etc., as it helps you to visualise the whole process of working with your inner child to clear the pain and trauma etc. I still use this today.

2) Ruchi Darji (

I found Ruchi a couple of months ago and I absolutely love her readings and live Instagram videos. For December she has been doing a lot of collaborations with other light workers/warrior's around the world, which may lead you to find more of your own soul sisters/tribe, as Ruchi puts it.

3) Taylor (

I found Taylor through Ruchi on Instagram. Her reading includes the astrological side of things as well. Recently Taylor discussed the illusion of twin flame separation on her account, which ties up with Cassady's blog post. We are on to something good here, just saying. When watching her YouTube monthly videos, remember to watch all the videos relating to your sun, moon and rising astrological signs. If you have no clue what those are, she also does Natal charts.

So those are the people I look to for guidance about my journey and keep up to date with on what is going on in the twin flame collective.

I hope that this is able to help you on your journey and if not, maybe someone you know.

Lots of love


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