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Who I Follow...Part 2

It has been over a year since I posted my first ''who I follow'' blog and things have definitely changed.

Don't get me wrong the people who I have suggested in the past are amazing, but as I grow, heal and learn more about myself on my journey I have changed who I watch on YouTube and who I follow on Insta etc. as more of my own truth comes to the forefront.

You could say that I have become more discerning with the content that I allow myself to watch and who I allow into my ''head space''. Obviously they are not allowed into my head, but once someone says something to you, those words can stay with you for a long time.

My favourite person to follow on Insta and watch on YouTube now is Emmie Evolving. She is a bad ass Pisces, much like myself. She says it like it is, no holding back. It is so refreshing to see her stand in her truth, displaying to the world what healthy boundaries look like.

She also creates such an amazing, loving and safe space for everyone to participate in.

YouTube video updates to look out for, by Emmie:

  • Your Zodiac Sign Updates (Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus)

  • General Energy Updates

  • Blue Ray Energy Updates (if applicable to you)

If you have the chance definitely check out her ceremonies when they come out. She usually does them on specific events like portal days, eclipses etc. She offers specific services or expedites at reduced prices at these events too.


  • Pre-purchase expedites and services for ceremonies, if possible.

  • It is best to be present at the ceremonies, but if you can't make it Emmie is able to send you a timestamp, upon request, when your session starts.

  • Her sound bath ceremonies are absolutely amazing!!

  • Kokoro33

I hope that this suggestion helps you on your journey or guides you to who you resonate with.

Lots of love